Top 10 StoriesIG Alternatives – To Download Instagram Stories

StoriesIG is an amazing tool for you if you want to view stories, stem statuses of people, and download them short of making prior efforts. This app helps you timepiece all the stories anonymously and copy them free from their Instagram account (only public). All you necessity to do is enter your embattled Instagram Username, click over the view button, and wait for some seconds. When the app loads the video for you, you can watch them in incognito. 

Scorn-watching, you can also view or download movies or videos from Instagram with just a single click of the button. Stories Instagram App helps you watch stories, highlights, and posts of people deprived of even logging in on Instagram.

How Does StoriesIG Work?

StoriesIG, a browser-based application, lets you gain insight into Instagram profiles using an Instagram Story Viewer feature. This means that you can use this application to see stories and posts created through Instagram users on their Instagram profiles without needing to sign in on your own. It gives you the security users want while using Instagram.

It’s true this is also your best option to monitor your corporate competitors. It can be used to keep track of rivals’ marketing campaigns so that you can make your own better!

Stories IG: How to View and Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories provide a glimpse into the life of family, friends as well as ex-lovers, and our crushes. They allow us to look into what they’ve been getting done. There’s a small disadvantage when it comes to watching them the person who is in charge of the account can view everyone who has been a part of their story. If you’re looking for the hot ex you’ve been looking for, they’ll have an ebullient smile on their face, knowing that they’re not in love with them.

This is where stories come in. It’s among the top and most well-known Instagram story readers today it allows you to see any stories posted by a user in the past 24 hours. The ability to download the stories is through the feature for downloading by clicking on a story to download it by using those three dots that you’ll see in the lower left corner.

However, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes you may get the error code. We also experienced this and it appears to be a normal thing. Simply refresh the app, and then continue to use it!

How Can You Use StoriesIG?

Based on what we observed, was extremely easy to use, and even more than different Instagram Stories Downloaders. We’re not here to inquire about what you’re looking for We’ll take you through how to use Stories Instagram:

  1. Head to the official StoriesIG sites like
  2. If you find the search box located in the middle, type in the name of the profile you wish to look at.
  3. Select the right profile from the available selection. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the profile photo of the person you’d like to get a glimpse of!
  4. As with other Instagram story users, storiesig also comes with the ability to download the stories you’ve seen in the application. This is great news considering that this app will only allow you to view posts that have been posted in the past 24 hours.

To download a story or post, follow these steps: story, follow the following steps:

  1. Find the account you’re looking for by going to the profile of the user and then tapping on the correct story.
  2. To download, click on the three vertical dots in the lower left corner of the page, next to the option for fullscreen.

Top 10 StoriesIG Alternatives

Certainly, there are StoriesIG alternatives to download Stories and other content from Instagram. It is important to note that the features and features of these options can change over time and it is a good idea to look into and choose the one that best suits your requirements best.

Top 10 StoriesIG Alternatives

1. Pixwox

Pixwox makes it easy to download and view Instagram posts, and opinion Instagram stories, and download and view Instagram poles in the way you want. Despite exploring your desired username through it, Pixwox also allows you to download or view them in your own way. Users can readily download both private and public accounts or view them offline. About of its supported and popular hashtags comprise girl, life, sports, happy, lovely, Love, Fashion, Art, Food, Travel, and others that you…

2. izoomYou

If you want a tool that helps you enlarge your profile photos from Instagram, then you are at the journey’s end. Zoom makes it easy to view the informal and enlarge the profiles of individuals on Instagram. It’s the primary’s chief function that hasn’t finished yet. You can view and transfer stories, posts, and profile pictures from Instagram to your mobile strategies without doing anything. You can search for your desired public and stalk them.

3. InstaStories

InstaStories provides anonymous IG browsing and viewing from the users you fail to see. On this incognito IG browser, you must enter the username in the search bar and click over the search icon to get the results. You can enter the intended username in the exploration bar and let the platform do the rest. You can add your anticipated usernames to the list of favorites and enjoy watching prompt access to…

4. Instalkr

As we are conversing about stories viewing or downloading, this is an app that aids you in seeing the stories of your desired individuals anonymously. You can’t download anything but view everything without letting other people know you’ve just trailed them. Its core functionality is to determine your stalker and see who viewed your shapes with ease. You can secretly watch levels of IG users and stalk them without leaving your footprints. It assists you in finding out who stalked…

5. Dumper

Want to view Instagram levels anonymously? Yes, it’s the right platform to shoot others without letting them know. This stage helps you watch your desired stories on Instagram without figure-hugging your identity. It keeps your stalking underground, and never share it with others. You can view the shapes of your chosen people, get to know cliques, and stories on IG, and tag posts namelessly ANONYMOUSLY. Dumper helps you search for Instagram profiles, tags, and places…

6. 4K Stogram

Want to download levels, pics, and videos of people on Instagram? 4 K Stogram is here aimed at you. 4K Stogram makes it extremely easy to download stories, accounts, hashtags, and Instagram sites without paying for anything. Done this website, you can download your wanted media from multiple Instagram accounts. For this reason, you have to glue the name of the user, location, and hashtag of Instagram into the app and click the download button to get things…

7. FastSave

FastSave allows its global users to browse and download videocassettes/photos from their intended IG users without paying for anything. Fastsave – Reposting photograph videos is a tremendously used platform for the nuisance of the IDs of people available on Instagram. You can rapidly view videos and photos offline by downloading them via this app. You can even repost the complete images or videos with simple clicks. It features easy browsing, extreme security, and a fast download rapidity for your desired…

8. Storiesgrams

Another great app that makes it super easy and anonymous to discover and download content since Instagram. Storiesgrams is an exceptional tool that allows you to watch and download stories, IGTV, posts, reels, and other media without seeing your identity. It contains an intelligent download key that you can get beneath every bar to download things with a solitary button tap. You can download your desired clothes from Instagram even if you don’t have…

9. Instore

Save stories from your anticipated people with ease. Instore is an exceptional app for downloading videos and photographs from Instagram’s public accounts in some modest clicks. Using this IG downloader, you can buy unlimited stories, photos, and videos from your desired accounts short of even paying for anything. Despite downloading stories or videos, the Instore app also presents its feature that generates captions and hashtags by just uploading your photos. You can also watch the video if you poverty to know how…

10. Instasaved

Instasaved is among the top Instagram downloader websites that help you download your desired belongings from Instagram in a breeze. You can not find solitary download photos, do, albums, and IGTV, but you also like downloading stories of people instantly. It does not need any login or personal necessities. You can come to the site and start downloading your wanted stuff from your desired account on Instagram. Instasaved is a significant photo-sharing site that aids you in downloading media…


Apart from an unclear interface, Instastories is a fun and easy tool to please your Instagram Story Viewing needs. From unidentified account access to high-quality downloads, the tool makes all of its functions with utmost efficacy.

FAQ About StoriesIG Alternatives

How did they lose StoriesIG or why would I require an alternative?

StoriesIG offered a platform to download Instagram stories and highlights but it might have been shut down or had legal problems. Users seek alternative ways to continue downloading Instagram content quickly.

Does it count as legal to make use of StoriesIG?

It is legal that the use of StoriesIG is dependent on your location and the manner in which you utilize the alternatives. The downloading of Instagram content without permission from the owner may violate Instagram’s terms of service and could violate copyright laws. Make sure you are aware of applicable laws and rules applicable to your location.

There are alternatives that can be used for free to StoriesIG?

Many alternatives for free are available including extensions for browsers, tools online, and mobile applications. Certain offer only a few features however, others offer advanced features in paid versions.

Can StoriesIG substitutes be considered secure to make use of?

The safety of StoriesIG alternatives differs. To reduce risks, select reliable tools and refrain from providing your personal information or passwords. Also, be wary of downloading software from unreliable sources to prevent malware.

What are the features I should be looking for in a StoriesIG alternative?

If you are deciding on a tool, think about factors such as the ease of use as well as the options for downloading (photos or videos, stories, etc.) as well as compatibility across platforms (web desktop, mobile), and the credibility of the tool. Make sure you select options that meet your personal preferences and needs.

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