Top 10 Instagram Story Viewer Pros and Cons

Until lately, it was nearly impossible to remain anonymous on Instagram. That’s why third-party app developers completed their move and created various Instagram story viewer apps that let users watch or even download stories on Instagram without being spotted by anybody. Apps in this slant were chosen for their outstanding functionality, user-friendly layout, and, most highly, for the complete privacy they promise.

Top 10 Instagram Story Viewer Pros and Cons

Instagram Story Viewer

Remember to check whether the tool you aim to use offers 100% anonymity. Another thing to consider when selecting an alternative Instagram viewer is the option to accept video content on your device besides watching it offline later. Some apps even grant access to hidden outlines that are impossible to visit.

1. Qoob Stories 

Qoob Stories is unquestionably one of the most versatile choices available. It covers a kit of helpful features and can download any content from Instagram.

The main difference between Qoob Stories and similar apps is that hidden accounts make it easy for this anonymous story viewer. Just write the account names you want to review, and you’ll get immediate access to the content. Additionally, it is pretty simple to download high-intensity pictures together through metadata from Instagram profiles.

2. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is accessible to customers, and you don’t need to register anywhere. So, there are no concerns vis-à-vis your anonymity because you don’t share any information. Besides, this Instagram story viewer has a prodigious design and clear layout.

Find a textbox just in the internal of the screen, enter the username you want to check, and that’s all. I also appreciate that there are no meddling ads. Anything you want to save, whether pics or videos, won’t lose value during the download process.

3. stories

Instagram stories can be checkered without signing up or downloading an app; no personal IG account is obligatory. Your actions are unconditionally untraceable; your personal information and all the facts of your visits are not recorded and are undetectable by the Instagram account owner. You can likewise download Instagram posts and stories with Instagram twin downloader to your laptop, smartphone, or computer.

4. InstaStalker

InstaStalker lets you view IG stories namelessly and smoothly. Furthermore, you can also track all profile updates, new endorsers, posts, likes, and comments on public profiles. If you add an account to this anonymous story viewer, all posts and stories will be protected so you can watch them even if they were deleted from Instagram.

InstaStalker collects and courses public data to provide daily reports on all details and updates that may be thought-provoking to you. Downloading or installing any apps or software to use InstaStalker is unnecessary. It’s likeminded with any Android and iOS device, Windows computer, or drug.

5. Glassagram

Glassagram is an progressive spy app. It’s created for incognito viewing of the profile’s content, even if those books are private. Users get access to many settings and functions. It is conceivable to view hidden users’ stories, check reactions from followers, read private messages, etc.

This other Instagram viewer allows users to see the content that the targeted account owner looks finished most often. You’ll receive comprehensive gossip, which will be saved in your dashboard.

6. mSpy

mSpy is a top-notch Instagram following tool that is excellent for parents who worry about what their kids are doing on Instagram. It makes all IG chats and activities of the targeted account visible.

mSpy is wholly anonymous, and there’s also no need to install anything on your kid’s smartphone. As a product, they remain unaware that you’re looking at them afterward. Unlike the popularity of alternative Instagram viewers, mSpy also has a GPS tracking feature. As for the other features, you can remotely record the screen, create a ban on the websites you don’t want your kids to visit, and recite even their deleted messages.

7. Cocospy

Cocospy is an additional great Instagram story viewer. It takes just a pair of minutes to set everything up. You must create a Cocospy account and install the app on the device. You will receive full access to the user’s data after installation. But it’s not limited by floors. The app also displays call history, site, and all conversations.

8. eyeZy

With eyeZy, you obtain a full-featured remote smartphone tracking app that sheens at the Instagram spy. It lets you incognito observe all posts and stories and record your target’s explicit messages. Additional features like screen detention and keystroke tracker make eyeZy the ideal answer for remote Instagram surveillance.

9. Inflact

In fact is a safe, nameless, and efficient Instagram story viewer. This app provides you with hashtags for content planning, endorsing, and expanding your Instagram presence. Therefore, if you wish to have a successful Instagram, Inflact will handle this task flawlessly.

You can anonymously save older IG stories via this app. It will retain tabs on each new level a user uploads. In fact, it will amass stories from up to 100 profiles you’ve chosen to follow so that you can remember about constant monitoring.

10. Mobic

If a forward-thinking spying tool with a massive list of various observing topographies is what you seek, then uMobiX will fit perfectly. It senses a user’s geo position, scans social network activity, and lets us follow all actions, including phone calls and text emails included.


The order of Story spectators is based on how your followers interact with your profile on the stage instead of how you engage with these profiles. This income, those people who visit your profile the most seem at the top of the list.

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