IGTV: What is this and How to Use it?

Tips on how to create and upload videos on IGTV

Instagram launched a new video platform called IGTV in 2018; It works independently and as a feature of Instagram. The company describes it as the “most exciting feature to date” that is available as an iOS app, an Android app and also accessible from the desktop. So, I am going to tell you about different … Read more

Top 50 Architecture Firms in Miami, Florida

Architecture Firms in Miami

Miami, in Florida, is renowned for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and dynamic architecture. As a city with a unique mix of modernity and historical charm, Miami’s architectural landscape is a reflection of its diverse population and metropolitan appeal. Over the years, innumerable architecture in Miami, Florida have played a crucial role in shaping Miami’s … Read more

Top 10 Instagram Story Viewer Pros and Cons

Instagram Story Viewer

Until lately, it was nearly impossible to remain anonymous on Instagram. That’s why third-party app developers completed their move and created various Instagram story viewer apps that let users watch or even download stories on Instagram without being spotted by anybody. Apps in this slant were chosen for their outstanding functionality, user-friendly layout, and, most … Read more